La playlist de l'émission:
Griefjoy "kids turn around"
Grindi Manberg "miss B"
Jesus Christ Fashion Barbe "diver"
Louis Aguilar And The Crocodile Tears "tales of a rocking boat"
Oh! Tiger Mountain "your most primnet son"
OK Channel "goulou goulou"
Olympia Fields "rainbow man"
Samba de La muerte "begin began begun"
Sauvage "san diego"
Team Wild "ô my broken heart'
Two bunnies in love "cotton hammer"
Two Kids On Holidays "father"
Le Vasco "it's a war game"
Who Makes Anita Shake ! "cinecittà"
YAA "sauvageries"
Örfaz "magnetik"
Noir coeur "total nirvana"